Mike Harness got his start as a young boy working for the Boy Scouts of America. It is there that his passion for horses started to grow. Following this Mike went to work for several ranches across the United States. He has worked in Arizona, Montana, Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming and Minnesota. Mike has been starting horses and working with people for many years. He works to increase his knowledge and understanding of the horse daily. His desire is to build a solid relationship with the horse that allows the two to do “all things”. Mike does a small handful of Clinics each year, but enjoys most the progress seen through the horses personal advancements, willing understanding, and acceptance. He now resides here at Whispering Meadows with his wife and two boys. Mike shows and competes in multiple venues. When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been he answered “ My wonderful wife and two little cowboys that the Lord has blessed me with.”

In addition to this Mike has…
-2012 4th Place in the WSRRA Ranch Horse National Championships in Winnemuca, NV
-2012 2nd Place in the Ranch Horse Novice Competition in Klamath Falls, OR
-2011 4th Place Spirit of the West Big Loop in Ellensburg, WA
-2011 1st Place in the Stock Horse in Paulina, OR
-2011 2nd Place WMEC Invitational Roping
-2011 1st Place Newberg Parr Lumber roping
-2010 3rd Place at the Klamath Falls Big Loop Open Division
-2010 1st Place WMEC Invitational Roping
-2010 1st Place Newberg Parr Lumber Roping
-2009 2nd Place State Fair Ranch Roping
-2009 6th Place State Fair Reining

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Mike Harness
(541) 607-1902